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Women's Espadrilles

Women's espadrilles are the perfect combination of comfort and style, made with materials such as esparto, leather, and quality textiles. Although some models incorporate synthetic elements, they maintain that rural and natural essence that defines this type of footwear. Ideal for warm summer and spring days, these shoes allow the feet to breathe while supporting them softly.

They are versatile thanks to our wide variety of designs in a color palette that includes earth tones, light, and dark colors. This diversity allows them to match any style, whether with a light dress or a casual outfit with pants. From flat soles to platforms and wedges, in sandal or slipper versions, they offer options for all tastes. In addition, details such as ankle straps, beaded or braided embellishments, give each pair a unique character. The wide range of brands available ensures that each person finds the ideal pair that fits their style, size, and favorite colors for the upcoming season.

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